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Student Organizations

With more than 200 student organizations, there is something to suit every Pointer. We encourage all students to get involved with at least two organizations: one focused on their academic or career goals and one just for fun!

UWSP offers organizations for:

Academic and Career Development

Service and Volunteering

Campus Media, including Newspaper, TV, and Radio

Recreation and Club Sports

Music, Performance, and the Arts

And many, many more from chess players to YouTube enthusiasts

Joining a student organization is easy. There is an Involvement Fair each semester for students to learn more about the organizations. All UWSP student organizations can be found on the UW-Stevens Point Involvement Network (SPIN) and the mobile app CORQ.

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There is a wide variety of student organizations, such as the academic organizations, Greek life, communications, special interests, and many more.

One of the reasons why I joined my student organizations is just to get more involved with the university. Just basically to get outside of my room. And you can basically meet all your friends. That's why I use mine-- since I'm in the 90 fm, I want to go more towards the broadcast and radio. So I basically found out a little bit more about myself and learned a little bit more about others that's around me as well.

So there are multiple different resources for students to get connected on campus. We have a website called Spin, where students can log in and view different events and different organizations that are happening on campus. And we also have an app called Corq, and that will give you updates daily and weekly for different events that are happening on campus that you might be interested in attending.

So we have the involvement fair every so often, and that is where all the student organizations get together, and then everyone is welcome to come in and just look around. You can sign up and get more information on any of the organizations here.

Through all of these experiences, I have gained several different leadership skills. I have learned to delegate tasks. It has also helped me realize that I want to pursue a career in student affairs, and I wouldn't have gotten to realize that if I wouldn't have gotten involved on campus or held the positions that I hold.