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Undergraduate & Graduate Research Opportunities

UW-Stevens Point is a university where professors are eager to assist students in getting excellent research experience. No matter if a student is interested in the Humanities, business, or natural resources; UW-Stevens Point offers several opportunities for independent or group research. In addition to the opportunities, several funding resources are made available to students who have creative ideas and would like to explore a specific form of research alongside a faculty member. The Office of Student Creative Activity and Research (OSCAR) is designed to assist students in all efforts related to faculty-mentored research.

There are a lot of research opportunities at UWSP. I currently participate as a research assistant for the College of Professional studies as a Business Administration major. Our faculty here have a lot of great qualifications, some have PhD backgrounds, and already have publications, and well-respected journals. Working with my professor has been a valuable experience. I've been able to develop a meaningful relationship with someone who has practical experience in the research industry. And I've been able to take those skills and transform them in the real world.

The Office of Student Creative Activity and Research, or OSCAR, helps provide funding for undergrad research opportunities. I was actually able to receive the OSCAR travel grant, which helped provide funding for travel expenses to the undergrad research conference at Minnesota.

Symposiums are conferences you can attend to present your undergrad research. So Posters in the Rotunda and UW Systems Undergrad Research Conference are two symposiums that are popular in the UW system.

Posters in the Rotunda event is an opportunity for undergrad researchers in the UW system to present what they've been working on, so it's a great way not to only see what other people have been working on, but kind of showcase what you've been able to work on as well.