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Conservation Law Enforcement


The College of Natural Resources at UW-Stevens Point offers a unique conservation law enforcement program with courses in criminology, law, ethics, and specialized training in environmental law enforcement. Our program meets the requirements of the Wisconsin Department of Justice and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The Department of Natural Resources understands the importance of unique learning opportunities that UWSP students have access to. It is no surprise why employers value how well-rounded UWSP students are after graduation.


Conservation law enforcement is law enforcement focused on protecting our forests, wildlife and people that use those resources. This program trains you to be a law enforcement officer in the outdoors. We work more with fishing and hunting, and enforcing those regulations. When I started doing ride-alongs with conservation wardens within the state, a lot of them told me that Stevens Point is one of the best colleges to go to for this career choice. This is the first school that everybody talks about because this program is not like any other college has. A lot of classes focus on a more hands-on approach -- getting you out in the field and actually doing things. You're kind of putting all those different aspects of natural resources and law enforcement together to kind of prepare you for that next step.

You're here for all your semesters except one, and it's a unique opportunity. You get to go to a police academy for one of your semesters. It goes a long way toward making them a highly qualified candidate when they graduate. You can go straight into a job as a police officer or a warden or a sheriff. The Student Law Enforcement Association is a big part of this program.

Our main goal is to make our members of our org as competitive as possible in going out to apply for jobs, and to do this we provide many different opportunities to volunteer through the community, build resumes, develop skill sets, and also just meet different conservation wardens and law enforcement officials. Really just helps you prepare yourself and just gives you kind of that leg up. The instructors are one of the best parts about this program. You know, they're all so compassionate about what they do.

You want to get job experience -- experience in the field. That's one of the great things about our program. You can have volunteer opportunities at Schmeeckle Reserve, which is an awesome opportunity, or they get you lined up with internships over the summer. Any kind of person that enjoys being outside and wants to make sure that the environment is well taken care of would be a great fit for this. I feel like at the end of every day I'm becoming a better professional, developing more skills, and becoming as competitive as I can be for my future career.

The conservation law enforcement program, I think, is honestly one of the best programs. You work with people, which -- basically, this is your office, you know. There's not a lot of jobs that do that, and the classes are really fun and the teachers and the people who are in it are amazing. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else.