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Tutoring-Learning Center

The Tutoring-Learning Center (TLC) is a special place on campus where students engage academically and socially so as to work towards reaching their potential.  Staffed by approximately 170 student staff, eight senior staff, and multiple instructors, the TLC is a place to connect with academics, other university offices, caring staff, and well-trained peers.

The TLC offers individual tutoring (Writing Lab, Social Sciences, Humanities, Math, Science, World Languages, Technology, Academic Coaching), drop-in tutoring (Writing Lab, Math, Science, Technology), group tutoring (Math, Science, World Languages), Student Success Workshops, and credited courses (Study Skills, Time-Management, Transition to College, Academic Recovery, Independent Writing, Reading In the Disciplines Discussion Courses).

The TLC also offers special transition experiences that support incoming students during their first year of college.  These include the LEAP Mentoring Program and a summer math program called FastTrack.  We look forward to welcoming you to campus and we invite you to make the TLC your second home at UWSP!

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One of the resources that we have here on campus is our TLC. And TLC stands for our Tutoring Learning Center. You can go there and you can get tutoring. And most of the tutors through there are students as well.

The tutoring services that are available at the tutoring learning center are for science, so biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy-- also, technology tutoring, in case you're struggling with Word, PowerPoint, anything that you need for your classes, as well as foreign languages.

And within the writing lab as well, I offer study skills sessions with students. And they just need help studying for their exams that they're maybe not doing as well in, or if they would like to get better grades in. And I've been teaching them study skills. And we've been studying together. So that's also another option.

We also provide both group and one-on-one tutoring. So if you're looking for individual help, you can get a tutor that will specifically work with you for your needs. But if you also want to work with multiple other students and work in a group setting, we also have tutors that offer tutoring to a bunch of students, so you can collaborate together.

The overall vibe-- I think it's kind of mellow, relaxed. I always felt welcome. The front desk worker-- she always has a smile on her face whenever I walk in. She's, like, hey, how you doing?

I also used to work down there too as well, as a peer mentor through our LEAP program. So it was always smiles and a welcoming, warm vibe down in the TLC.