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Data Analytics


If you have diverse interests in computer science, business, and economics then Data Analytics at UW-Stevens Point may be the perfect major for you. Our students are prepared to be employed in every sector of the economy in one of the fastest-growing industries for employment. You will have an opportunity to develop a strong network and collaborate with strong partners to ensure a very hands-on learning experience.


If you're interested in figuring out the world around you, the data analytics program at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is for you. What companies are finding is that we create mountains – literally trillions of bytes of data - and there's a lot of insight to be found in them, so it's become very lucrative to analyze the data that we're creating anyway.

Every company generates data, and every company seems to be recognizing that they've got lots of data that they could probably gain some insights from and they know that there are insights that they can use to help their business run more efficiently - to really change the way that they're doing business, but they don't necessarily have the skill set in-house to do that, and so really what we're looking at now is figuring out how do we train folks as data analysts, as data scientists, so that they can help to find those insights and put them into action for those organizations. Sentry Insurance approached us because they saw a large demand for data analysts and data scientists, and so we worked on creating a major together.

We also have a variety of incoming freshmen who were specifically attracted to UW-Stevens Point because of the data analytics program. Quite frankly, I'm not sure they would have come to UW Stevens Point had it not been for data analytics and the partnership that we have with Sentry Insurance. I was always interested in pursuing a higher education degree in the United States. Data analytics is really what made my decision to come to UW-Stevens Point. The main quality that a person looking into data analytics should have is persistence and willingness to figure things out.

I really like how instead of being taught by a student assistant or not being able to ask questions in a big lecture hall, a lot of my classes are probably about forty - thirty kids. I feel comfortable asking questions or going to my professors' office hours. It really helps that our classes are small, and we get to work with professors one-on-one even during the class period. The data analytics program at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has a wonderful breadth of coursework, which really I think is part of the value to the student because they'll come up with a whole tool kit - everything from statistics to economics, we've got how to communicate data.

Even if you don't work directly as an analyst, you'll have a wide variety of skills that can be leveraged in almost any field. If you want to make a difference in the world, data analytics definitely gives you the tools to do that.