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Special Education


Special education at UW-Stevens Point is an interdisciplinary program focused on the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to teach children with special needs. Students in the program often pair their major with a minor in cognitive disabilities, emotional behavioral disabilities or learning disabilities. The School of Education features a major in almost every type of teaching and has been recently ranked second in the nation according to In addition to special education, UWSP students choose majors in elementary education, secondary education, physical education, music education, and early childhood education.


Special education is to work with students with many disabilities. Just figuring out ways that you can help them succeed in their environment. The special education program is there to help you become the best teacher, the best educator that you possibly can be. They give you a lot of in-class opportunities to learn about what's going on within the schools, but then they also let you get out into the schools and get your hands dirty -- get working with students. They're out in the schools making connections, getting to know the teachers and the schools. I have a cousin who is autistic, but I also have a brother who has recently been diagnosed with Asperger's. I've just always had a natural connection with both of them, and I feel like I'm able to assist them in ways that other people may not be able to. My brother got diagnosed with a learning disability in reading, so I saw his frustration, but I've always been that type of person that wants to help other people. The students in our program are well prepared to go out there, identify what needs their future students will have, and then different strategies that they could use to address those needs and to help the students reach their full potential. The classes come with a professor that really, really cares about you as an individual and really cares about you in the classroom. The teachers definitely make it fun. I love the atmosphere that they bring to the classroom. We are a very supportive environment, so if students need help outside of the classroom we're always there to help. They want you to get that job right after graduation. They care about you, they care about what you're going to offer. It's fun -- you're gonna learn a lot. You're gonna definitely find yourself in this program. If you want to come to a place where it feels like home, it feels like family, you have a chance to learn and grow and be your own person at the, same time. I think this is the place for you.