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Jazz studies


If you love the sweet sound of music, you'll feel right at home in the Jazz Studies program at UW-Stevens Point! This program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music. Music students in the College of Fine Arts and Communication can explore majors in music education, jazz studies or performance with options in choral, instrumental, composition and performance, piano, string instrument, vocal, and wind and percussion. Share your passion for composition and improvisation at UW-Stevens Point.


The jazz studies program really helps you get well-versed in the history of jazz—what jazz is all about. Jazz studies program is a great way for young musicians to enter this world of jazz that's been harvested and cultivated over the last century. It's really cool to be a jazz major because we're taught the foundations of music theory, we're taught how to compose, we're taught how to improvise, and we study classical music and we study jazz. No matter where your background is there's lots of opportunity to start where you're at and learn from there. I always loved performing and it's fun just to be able to pick your own music and really make your own arrangements out of it. The only way for musicians, for performing artists to get better at their craft is to perform in front of people and so we want our students to be out performing as much as possible. Our concert hall, Michelsen, is an amazing place to perform. The more you do it the better you get at it. Having those opportunities has made me able to go off and be on my own and I feel comfortable doing that. The Jazz Society they do jam sessions at the Brewhaus. That's a good opportunity for you to be able to practice and get up and perform without a stress of a big stage. All the professors here are very qualified and amazingly supportive of all of us.

We're also very fortunate to bring in guest artists all the time. It's a really tightknit community. Everyone's rooting for each other. We all watch each other grow and it's really great. These students have started to develop their own voice as jazz artists. We have students that have gone on to be performing artists, professors, film composers, recording artists. The professors here have really helped me learn all about what jazz is and there's just endless possibilities of what I could do with it. I think the jazz program at UWSP is something really special. The connections that I have with my teachers here— that's been something that I could never ask for anything higher. It's a great way for young students to come in and learn, and cultivate their knowledge of jazz and music in general. I'm super glad I came to point. You got to be inspired to do what you want to do and I definitely feltthat.