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Paper Science and Chemical Engineering


Prepare for a career in paper science and chemical engineering at UW-Stevens Point - a field with 100 percent job placement! Our paper science and chemical engineering program provides hands-on experience and small class sizes. Students will have a unique learning opportunity operating the world’s fastest student-run paper machine in the process engineering laboratory. Employers come to our campus for our graduates because of their well-roundedness and ability to contribute to their career right away.


Here at UWSP, we offer three academic programs: we offer majors in paper science and engineering and chemical engineering, as well as a minor in biofuels engineering. In one of the freshmen paper science labs, there was a paper machine running and that was the first experience, actually seeing paper being made. It was pretty fascinating to see how it goes from a pulp solution into a paper sheet. One of the things I've liked the best so far has been my co-op internship. A cooperative internship is just a six- to nine-month internship at really a paper mill anywhere in the country. You learn a lot and you come back to school, your skills are so much more advanced. The kind of person that would be successful, is a student who likes to work hard, that really enjoys chemistry, that enjoys math and that enjoys solving problems. One thing that's very appealing in the paper science major, we've had 100 percent job placement since the program started. We could place a lot more students than we actually graduate now. They do a great job helping the students get from college into the actual workforce. There are so many different possible ways that you can go with an engineering major that it's a great place to start a career. It's been a very positive experience. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it at the end. When you're looking for a college, it's just all about what you enjoy doing. If you come to UWSP and study paper science and engineering and chemical engineering here, you'll have the opportunity to do a lot of hands- on work, you'll meet some great people, you'll have the opportunity to work with professors that really, really enjoy what they're doing. They're here because they want to teach, and you'll have the opportunity to be prepared for a really fantastic career out in the manufacturing industries, making things that are important for people's daily lives.