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Meet Ashley

Ashley is a Senior majoring in Graphic Design from Bartlett Illinois.

As a graphic design student, she spends a lot of time in the Noel Fine Arts Center (NFAC). The NFAC houses majors such as Art, Graphic Design, Music, Theatre, Dance, and many more. The NFAC is a spacious and excellent facility with innovative technology, large classrooms, and rehearsal facilities. The entire building is designed to bring in the maximum amount of natural light. There are several opportunities for students to showcase their own work. First, there is Jenkins Theatre, which is home to countless performances put on by the Department of Theatre and Dance. Michelsen Concert Hall hosts nearly 200 music events each year. The Edna Carlsten Art Gallery exhibits include rotating artists of note, student artists, fundraisers, as well as a permanent collection that the gallery oversees.

Ashley came to UWSP as a transfer student after her second year at a community college near her hometown. She knew she could pursue her passion for art and she was surprised by how quickly she met friends.

You can also catch Ashley working in the Office of Admissions and Recruitment as a Campus Ambassador giving authentic tours and sharing her experience as a transfer student and college life at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Join Ashley in hearing what her life is like at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and where she likes to spend her free time!

So as soon as I get up in the morning, I go and I jump on the bus. It's really nice that it's free to our students, I just have to show my ID, and they let me on the bus. I go over to the Office of Admissions and Recruitment, where I'm a Student Ambassador, so I do things like answer the phone and give tours. And as a tour guide, we try to make your experience as fun as possible, as relaxing as possible and make sure that you don't leave with any questions that you came in with.

And after tours, I come to the Noel Fine Arts Center, where I take all of my Graphic Design courses. I've taken everything from Typography, where I had to learn the anatomy of type to Ceramics courses. I've taken so many really fun classes that have helped me to be a better artist.

After class, I'll go and I'll study or hang out in the atrium, or I'll hang out in the courtyard. Just because those are very high traffic areas, where I'll run into a bunch of my friends from class and being from out of state and being a transfer student, I was older than a lot of the students here. So I was nervous I wouldn't make as many friends as I have, but everyone here is so friendly and so welcoming and accepting, it's almost impossible to not make friends right away.

Then I get to go back to the Noel Fine Arts Center and hang out, work on more design, work with my classmates, get study sessions going, and then I take the bus back home.