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Meet Sonny

Sonny is a Junior majoring in Media Studies originally from Jamaica but grew up in Door County, WI.

Sonny is a Student-Athlete and plays a wide receiver on the varsity Football Team. The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point competes at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III level. UWSP offers 20 varsity intercollegiate sports, 11 women’s and 9 men’s. As of 2020, UWSP holds 13 NCAA Team National championship titles and 49 individual titles. Students can get into most Athletics events for free with their UWSP Student ID!

Like most student-athletes, Sonny can be found juggling a full course load, a rigorous practice schedule, weight training, study tables with the team, and an on-campus job. UWSP emphasizes the "student first" mentality for athletes on campus. First-year students are required to attend the study tables and coaches demand academic excellence from every player. It is no surprise that student-athletes usually average a higher GPA than their non-athlete peers on campus. Sonny loves other sports outside of the football season and enjoys hanging out with his teammates.

You can find Sonny giving campus tours as a Student Ambassador with the Office of Admissions and Recruitment, and talking with future student-athletes to help them find their home at UWSP.

Join Sonny on his journey as a student-athlete at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point!

So a typical day for me as a student athlete, we'll usually start with some kind of morning lift. That'll usually be around an hour, hour and a half. After that, we'll catch up with some of the guys on the football team, and we'll go get some food at Upper DeBot. So what's really about DeBot is there's a large variety of things you can get. We get a chance to see some friendly faces, get to kind of talk about our day, talk about our lift.

After that, typically for me, I'll go to the coach's office, kind of brush up on some some concepts, some route review. Just talk to the coaches, get on the same page about what's going on in my life, things like that. Just to keep some chemistry going between me and my quarterback, we'll throw some outs in the Quandt Gym from time to time, just to keep that relationship going into the fall.

After that, I'll usually go to work. So being a worker in Office of Admissions, I get a chance to work with incoming athletes, incoming student athletes. I'll get to show them around campus, show them around our facilities, our weight room, our MAC Gymnasium, our Quandt Gymnasium, just to let them see how life is on campus. They get a feel for it before they even come here as a student athlete. That's a typical day in the life as a Pointer.