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Our Faculty Care

The faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point are some of the best in their field. Many have received recognition for their accomplishments.

With a student-to-faculty ratio of 21:1, students are able to get to know their professors on a deeper level. All professors are required to have office hours each week where they are available to students to come and ask questions or get help in their classes. Most faculty leave their office doors open and value time to connect with students. Additionally, classes are taught by professors and experts in the field, and rarely graduate students. In fact, UWSP has the highest percentage of undergraduate courses actually taught by professors in the entire UW system.

Our faculty also offer great opportunities for students to get hands-on experiences in their field of study, like research. As a teaching institution, most of our faculty are not often on sabbatical and are willing to host research opportunities for the students to experience. Our faculty recognize the importance of undergraduate research and how it significantly impacts how successful students are in graduate school and job opportunities shortly after graduation.

Beyond academics, our professors also know the importance of support their students outside of the classroom. Many of our faculty members are involved in student organizations, intramural sports, and they make themselves available to students beyond just academics. 

All the professors I have, they actually have their PhD, which I didn't think is a huge deal, and then I compared with other universities. Apparently it's a huge deal because not everybody has a PhD. So basically the reason I got a PhD is because they love the field, they've done research for many, many years, so they really know what they're doing.

A big part of being a student at Steven's Point is having hands on experiences. One day when I graduate, I will be outside all day with kids teaching them programs. And that's all I get to do this semester. I don't have any classes on campus because I am developing those skills as a teacher before I graduate and before I have to get that job. I already have all the skills. When it comes to faculty at Steven's Point, they are experts in their field. They have all the experience, and they are there to share that with you.

UWSP is actually a teaching based school, so you get more opportunities for undergraduate students, especially hands on experience, compared to a bigger research institution. At Steven's Point, the department is really cozy. So the office is always open. Whenever it's open, I can just go in there. So basically, their office hours are whenever the door's open. I can just go there, talk to them about Physics, about life, anything.