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Stevens Point Community

The city of Stevens Point is located right in the heart of Wisconsin and has a population of about 26,000. The community offers several great opportunities for students to get involved and explore.

The Stevens Point City Bus is free for students to use with their Student ID. There are bus stops conveniently located around campus as well as the greater community for students to utilize.

Stevens Point has several great coffee shops as well as three Starbucks locations. There are many different restaurants with varying cuisine for students to check out off-campus. Emy J’s, Politos, Wooden Chair, Zest, and The Wicked Willow are just a few of the popular spots that UWSP students claim as their favorites! Finally, you will need to decide where your favorite ice cream spot in town is. Our students engage in fierce debates between Belts, Carl D's, King Cone, and Coldstone, but will all agree that they love to have ice cream options.

Downtown Stevens Point is the perfect place to find local shops, as well as the longest-running local Farmer’s Market in the State of Wisconsin between May and October.

Stevens Point is also home to several flourishing businesses, many of which are excited to work alongside our students. Sentry Insurance and Skyward Headquarters are both located right in town, and each hire several UWSP graduates each year. Sentry Insurance has a Co-op program for UWSP students to get real work experience while pursuing their degree.

Additionally, many UWSP students are required to complete an internship as part of their degree in order to graduate. Countless employers in Stevens Point partner with students to give them hands-on learning experience in the field that they are looking to go into.

Check out why so many students love calling Stevens Point their home away from home!

One of my favorite things about the Steven's Point community is that it is close knit, and it's all very condensed, so everything that you need and everything that you're looking for is in within either biking distance or walking distance, so you can get downtown within just a few minutes. As well as the bus services are super easy for students.

So there are a lot of businesses that actually team up with the university to create internship opportunities for students. Within my major for Social Work and Sociology, I actually have it built in that I am required to do an internship over my senior year. I know a lot of business students apply for the Sentries Coop, and then also we have an internship opportunity with Skyward headquarters.

Steven's Point has a lot of recreational opportunities available in the community. We have the Green Circle Trail, which is actually integrated into the UWSP campus itself through Schmeeckle, which is our 160 acre reserve on campus, just north of campus, which is awesome. We also have Sculpture Park, which actually extends by the Green Circle Trail, so it's all right by each other. Our downtown district is also really great.

The more you dig in, the more you're going to find. The city of Steven's Point, you're able to go downtown, and you're going to find a huge variety of businesses from all sorts of ranges of foods all over the country. You have vegetarian options. Ruby Coffee is one that I really like, and then on campus too, the Basement Brewhaus. You can find stuff right in your backyard.