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Undecided? No Problem!

If being Undecided at UW-Stevens Point were an actual major, it would be the most popular major among incoming students. You are not alone. Our professional advisors in the Academic and Career Advising Center assist you in creating a plan that will help you discover a major while exploring different academic subjects as you complete your general education courses. You would uniquely benefit from being undecided at UWSP because of the diverse academic program offerings on our campus. We work very well with students who are torn between two or three majors, as well as the student who simply has no idea of what they want to study.

At UWSP, many students start their college career as an undecided major.

I came in and really having no idea what I wanted to do.

Coming to Stevens Point undecided is okay.

There's no shame in coming into college, undeclared. I think everybody kind of acts like they know what they're doing. But nobody really does.

And the academic and career advising center is here to support those students who come to college not knowing what it is that they want to do.

It was just really nice to have somebody to bounce different ideas off of.

Every student who comes here is assigned an academic and career advisor to work with them.

We're the people that will help students figure out how to use access point how to get registered, we kind of help navigate a lot of those resources, whereas your professional advisor is going to help you more like "okay, what major do I want? Where is that going to take me?"

The people here are really well trained to help college students, which is what you're looking for. So I think it's an invaluable resource.

Just having someone one-on-one to work with every semester did a really great job of helping me find the path that I was supposed to follow.

Not only do we see students who start As an undecided major, but we also see a lot of students who are transitioning between the different majors that UWSP offers.

I think that a lot of people assume when they're undeclared, that everyone else around them has their life figured out. That's not the case.

My academic journey ended up looking really different than how I expected. Looking back, I really wish I had come into college undecided and I'd utilize these resources earlier in my college career.

Me not knowing what I wanted to do it itself was a journey, and I learned a lot about myself and what things I like to do and learn about

I think college is really about going through that process and learning how to understand what you might like to do.

If you are really questioning if this is the right place for you because you're undecided stop questioning. starting college undecided is really a nice way to explore your options, and we're going to be here to help you along the way