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Schmeeckle Reserve is a 280-acre conservancy area on the campus of UW-Stevens Point, set aside to protect the natural communities of central Wisconsin. Schmeeckle is a learning opportunity for students and is managed by the College of Natural Resources to protect and restore ecosystems, serve as an outdoor classroom, and provide outdoor recreation opportunities.

It is open to the public and serves as a unique gathering place for the community and university. Explore 5 miles of trails and boardwalks, a 24-acre lake, the Pankowski Friends Amphitheater, and a large diversity of habitats that support numerous wildlife species. It features a smaller 1.0-mile lake loop trail around Lake Joanis with amazing views. 

It is also part of the Green Circle, a 27-mile loop around the Stevens Point community ideal for hiking, biking, walking, and jogging. There are so many things to explore in Schmeekle, here is a guide of suggested things to do based on how much time you have! Needless to say, we think we have the nicest backyard in Wisconsin at UW-Stevens Point.

Schmeeckle Reserve is a 280 acre natural area that's adjacent to the main academic campus of Stevens Point and it provides a really neat opportunity for students to access a natural area in the middle of urbanized Stevens Point real close to the school. This is an island of green in the city of Stevens Point. We're very very very lucky to have this in the middle of our city and so many students and so many families come here. Thousands of people come to things like our candlelight hike and other interpretive programs. Practicum students hold public programs here for free and just an awesome place to come and explore. It has tons and tons of hiking trails. I've been out there so many times just chilling in a hammock looking at the lake. Pretty much every College of Natural Resources course and discipline utilize Schmeeckle Reserves resources as part of the student learning that's here. We can look at soil there and trees there and the water quality testing. It really helps when we're learning the material to just come outside and actually get a hands-on practical application of the stuff we're learning. Allows the professors to really teach us what to expect when we get out into the field. Most of the employees here at Schmeeckle are students so that's really the backbone of what makes Schmeeckle what it is today. The most important part of Schmeeckle Reserve is that it is gift to the community and the friends want to make sure that the gift continues to be given. The Friends group was created to do things that the university funding could not do. The support from the community, the involvement from the students makes it what it is.