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Varsity Athletics

UW-Stevens Point hosts 20 Division III athletic programs. There are 9 men’s varsity sports and 11 women’s varsity sports that participate in the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (WIAC). The UWSP athletic program has 49 NCAA Division III national individual titles and 13 NCAA national team titles. Our student-athletes tend to have higher grade point averages than the average student on campus and truly embody the concept of a “student-athlete." Check out the UW-Stevens Point Athletics website for more information about our different athletic programs and how you can get tickets to a Pointer home game!

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So on campus, we have 21 athletic programs, here, NCAA Division III. And that varies from your typical football, basketball, baseball, women's volleyball, women's basketball, softball. And then, recently, we just added women's wrestling, which is a very unique program.

So just recently, our men's hockey team won the national championship. Our men's basketball program has been very successful. They've won multiple national titles. Women's basketball, as well. And then, volleyball has been to the Final Four. So just across the board, all of our athletic department is really competing at the national level.

Division III athletes are true athletes because we do it for the love of the game. We're not like most students. We don't get full athletic scholarships. We have to finish up in the classroom, as well. And we have to have the motivation to still participate in athletic sports.

We have several noteworthy alums that have had success here at UWSP and went on to play at the next level. One notable would be Mr. Zimmerman, who is now a pitcher in major league baseball, as well as Terry Porter who went on to play in the NBA.

Coming from a Division III school, a Division III conference, that's obviously something very special.

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