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Marshfield Campus

Welcome to UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield, Wisconsin located in the heart of Wood County, a community ranked as one of the best places to live and work, and home to one of the state’s largest health care providers, Marshfield Clinic. The campus features the Everett Roehl Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Center, which opened in 2018. This 17,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility houses chemistry, microbiology, a community room, and an outdoor classroom/courtyard.

UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield offers specialized associate degrees that prepare you for your major classes sooner, including human services, business, health sciences, and more. The campus also offers bachelor’s degrees in business administration, nursing, social work, and an MBA.

Situated on 100 acres, the campus features soccer fields, ball diamonds, four outdoor lit tennis courts, and a 55-acre arboretum that provides students and community members a great way to explore nature. Other Marshfield campus amenities include the 340-seat Helen Connor Laird Theater, which hosts campus and community performances.

UW SP Marshfield is a great campus. It's located in Marshfield, Wisconsin.

Welcome to Marshfield.

Welcome to Marshfield.

Welcome to the Marshfield campus.

Here at UW Stevens Point at Marshfield, there's a lot of opportunities for students to get their two years or four year or even their master's degree and stay right here in the Marshfield area.

Our students come here for a whole variety of reasons. It's close to home, it's a lot cheaper. There's so many benefits of it.

Many students here, they only come for one year, sometimes they're unsure of what they want to do. And this is a great place to start out.

We have seamless transferring between us on the main campus, so that makes things a lot easier.

I had a really good rapport with my professors. I think that was my favorite thing about this.

Our professors and instructors know the students by first name, and I feel like that's really valuable as you're pursuing your education you have questions and you don't know what you're doing as a student.

We are a family. We're a community. We really do bend over backwards for our students. And we want our students to succeed.

We have sports, music, there's art, there's theater.

You try out you're going to get a part on the stage.

Having Marshfield Clinic so close to, you know, Stevens Point at Marshfield is really nice.

Once I determined that I was going to be in health care, I was able to work there and go to school here.

We're on 100 acres and 55 of those acres is completely wooded.

I love being able to study outside of the forested area, go on walks when I need a little bit of a study break.

We're very good at what we do. And the students who leave us are super prepared for whatever it is they do next, whether it's taking a third or fourth year, or it's transferring into a program somewhere else or it's going into the workforce.

I came in knowing full well what I wanted to do and what my goal was and Marshfield helped me accomplish that.

I would invite everyone to stop in and at least tour and meet our faculty and our staff. You have to see this for yourself. You will be successful when you come to UW Stevens Point at Marshfield.