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Dining Options on Campus

The newly renovated DeBot Dining Center opened in fall 2019. The new facility features dining experiences such as a convenience store with an assortment of grocery and convenience items, a variety of food stations and an all-you-care-to-eat dining option in the main level. Other new features of the main level include an allergen-friendly station, an international cuisine station, and a home cooking station. Students can also enjoy a fruit and yogurt bar, salad bar, deli station with a Panini grill, and fresh bakery items from our own Indulge Bakery featured in Upper DeBot.

The Dreyfus University Center food court is a popular lunch spot that will offer a wide variety of a la carte food options. From pizza and pasta to stir fry and paninis – students enjoy the diversity and flexibility of what their plate looks like.

In addition to the DeBot Dining Center and DUC food court, students can grab a quick bite at a variety of different café style eateries on campus such as The basement Brewhaus, CPS café, Common Ground Café, and Homegrown Café.

Dining Services and Summer Conferences is also a major employer of students and is a great place for an on-campus job.

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Some of the dining options we have here on campus are DeBot, which has buffet style and convenient store option, as well as at the DUC. You have the food court options. You have the grill line. You have subs and sandwiches, panini press, sizzle and wok.

There's subs, pizza, you've got like a Mexican line, you've got the main line, which is what I call the home cooked meal line. There's grill, fruits and vegetables, salad bar. There's everything you could want.

At the Homegrown Cafe, you can find different local bakery items and coffee, tea, things like that. At the Basement Brew House, they do have soups that rotate daily. They also have some local bakery items as well.

I know it's a great place to get coffee. You get an adult beverage there, pool tables. It's a fun hangout spot. They do some open mic nights.

The CPS cafe is run by students. And roughly 40% of their food is locally-sourced.

The newest cafe addition to campus is the Common Ground. It's in our chem bio building. We've got Zest Bakery in there, smoothies, coffee drinks, all kinds of good stuff.

Pro tip-- someone being here for four years, stop by the homegrown cafe and get yourself some locally-roasted coffee. It's really good.