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Living on campus puts you close to campus amenities and allows you to easily explore everything UWSP has to offer. Here are some great things about our on-campus living options:

Front desk services

Students can check out items such as sporting equipment, games, cooking and baking utensils at no additional charge. Mail and packages are sent directly to students through almost all major mail carriers and can be accessed by a personal mailbox.


There is a full laundry service (washer and dryer) in the basement of each residence hall.


Full-service kitchens are provided on each floor of each residence hall (stove, oven, microwave, and refrigerator).

All-gender restrooms

There is one residence hall in each of the three quads that designate one of the two bathrooms on the second floor as “all-gender” restrooms; anyone can use this restroom. Students can request to be assigned one of these halls when completing the Housing and Dining contract.


There are recycling chutes available to students on each floor of every residence hall.

Great to be inside or outside

Each residence hall has a study lounge in the basement in addition to cable and Wi-Fi access in all the rooms. The residence halls are nearby our 280-acre Schmeeckle Nature reserve with walking trails and catch and release fishing. There are sand volleyball courts, tennis courts, and basketball courts for students to enjoy outside of their hall. The Allen fitness center, Champions Hall fitness center, and DeBot Dining center are all located close to the residence hall area for students to easily get a quick bite or a workout.

You can get even more information about life on campus at the Residential Living website.

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We have a couple of different types of living options. Single rooms are an option, so you would just live by yourself in a regular residence hall room. You can live in a double room, so that would be you and your roommate in a traditional residence hall room.

And then we also have the Suites@201, which is our apartment-style living here on campus. And so there are four rooms where you would live individually in your room. And then there's a community living room, a community kitchen. You have a vanity. You have a shower, and you have a toilet, and that's all within one suite.

DeBot Dining Center is super convenient because it's located right in the heart of the residence halls, so you can just walk right outside of your hall, and there's the food. You've got an all-you-care-to-eat option. There's a convenient store option. It's really nice.

The advantage of being part of a living learning community is that you can really make new friends easier and also develop good connections for people to study with and get to know. So within the walking distance of the residence halls, we have a cardio center, which is in the Allen Quad. And we also have the strength center, which is in the Champions Hall.

You can always go to Allen Center for working out if you want to do some heavy lifting. And if you want to go out for running, you can always go to Schmeeckle Reserve, have a nice run there.

If you're looking for something to do off-campus, downtown is really close, and there's lots of great places to eat and shop there. We've got lots of restaurants, art galleries, the farmer's market takes place down there. So there's lots of options.

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