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Academic and Career Advising

In addition to our wonderful peer advisers, the Academic and Career Advising Center is staffed by professional Academic and Career Advisers as well as Career Specialists.

Our Academic and Career Advisers work with all incoming UW Stevens Point students to:

  • Discover more about your strengths, interests, and values;
  • Explore majors and the professional directions your major can take you;
  • Connect you to others on campus who can help you build your knowledge and experience;
  • Help you to understand the requirements for your degree, the benefits of the General Education Program, and the courses you should take to reach your educational goals.

Our Career Specialists work with all UWSP students and alumni to:

  • Build your resume and your professional online presence;
  • Turn your strengths, interests and values into a meaningful career path;
  • Provide you coaching and opportunities to network with employers;
  • Help you utilize our career search resources.

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When students first come to advising, they have the chance to meet with a peer advisor. And what we do is we sit down with them, and we talk about resources that are going to be really helpful to them before they meet with the professional advisor.

It's really nice for students to meet with peer advisors because we've been through what they're currently going through. We know what it feels like to kind of feel lost and not really know where you want to go or what you want to do. So I think it's really helpful that students have a chance to talk to a peer advisor about that, as well as get access to those resources.

You can set up an appointment with one of our professional career advisors to have them look over your resume or cover letter, to help you with interviewing skills. They can help you set up a LinkedIn profile. And they can help you with career exploration with a job or an internship in your field.

Our school creates a free profile for us on Handshake and personalizes it with our information. We can go in there and further personalize it. We can upload our resume to it so employers can look at it. So it has different job and internship opportunities on there. A lot of the majors require students to have an internship in order for credit so they can get experience in their field.

The advisors really help students figure out who they are as a student, what they potentially want to do, and where they want to go in the future. And then, the academic advisors really help students locate relevant experiences that are going to lead to a fulfilling career path.

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