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Wausau Campus

Welcome to UW-Stevens Point at Wausau, located next to beautiful Marathon Park and walking distance from the city’s vibrant downtown and not far from Granite Peak, a popular outdoor recreation area. 

It offers small classes taught by faculty -- 92% of which have their Ph.D.’s. Committed to a collaborative culture, the science and math classes are taught in spaces designed specifically for collaboration. 

UW-Stevens Point at Wausau offers specialized associate degrees that prepare you for your major classes sooner, including in engineering, human services, business, and health sciences. They also offer bachelor’s degrees in business administration, nursing, social work, and an MBA.

You will experience a lively and engaging campus culture, with student activities in the Union, hangout spaces throughout campus, an award-winning Multicultural Resource Center, and opportunities to participate in intramurals and athletics or to stay in shape at our fitness center and pool. It is also home to the UW Center for Civic Engagement building, which includes the 365-seat, state-of-the-art James F. Veninga Theater, the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service, and Wisconsin Public Radio.

Most importantly, what you’ll find at this campus is people who care about and are vested in your success.

Welcome to UW SP Wausau. We have so much to offer. The Wausau campus is a place that's totally committed to student learning. It's a hearing and passionate community of scholars and learners. It's an awesome place.

It's a smaller campus, so you have the opportunity to get to know your professors and work with them on a closer level.

The support that students are able to get here is just outstanding.

We now offer four year degree programs in addition to the two year associate's degrees, so students can start a degree or even finish a four year degree program here right in Wausau.

Students can start here and transfer anywhere in the system, and that's historically what we've done and done really, really well.

Our student class sizes are small, so I really get to know my students well and they feel they can come to me for help and support. A lot of our students come from the general Wausau area or slightly outside of that.

Having access locally to a high quality UW education was really important to me. And as an employer as well having access to students that graduate from this university in order to fill the jobs that we have available locally is very important to the business community.

There's lots of ways for students to get involved, whether it be student government or clubs, organizations, sports. We have everything a large campus has to offer but in a smaller setting where students can really take on these leadership roles.

The campus is located right next to Marathon Park. The park is amazing. It's beautiful all times of year.

Wausau is a fantastic place to live.

This is a very warm and welcoming community.

Wausau campus really has something for everyone between our four year degree programs or offerings in arts and music and the culture offerings we offer the community

Quality matters, and this is a high quality educational opportunity for our students.

It's a great place for students to come to become involved, to be a part of a campus in a greater way, and a great place to start either a four year two year degree or just kind of find their purpose and to start their path towards a greater education.

I'm so glad I came here. I really am. I found my purpose.