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Visit Campus

UW-Stevens Point offers a wide variety of visit opportunities. No matter where you are in the college exploration process, UWSP likely has a visit experience that is the perfect fit for you. Our visit opportunities currently include:

  • Weekday visits consist of a presentation from an Admissions Counselor and a campus tour led by one of our student Campus Ambassadors.
  • Saturday visits are similar to weekday visits but are offered on occasional Saturdays to accommodate busy schedules.
  • ViewPoint Days are the comprehensive open-house style visits. These days include a major exploration fair and a student organization fair, an admissions presentation, academic breakout sessions that are deep dives into two different majors of your choice, and optional tours of campus and the Stevens Point community.
  • Admitted Student Day is an optional visit day specifically for students who are admitted to one of our campuses. These days offer students the opportunity to get their questions answered and potentially get an additional peek of their future home. We create fun environments for students to meet their peers as well as breakout sessions that speak specifically to the general concerns of parents/guardians. While optional, these visit days are strongly encouraged to remain in the know on the remaining steps of making the transition to UW-Stevens Point.
  • Student Transition, Advising, and Registration (STAR) Days are mandatory for students who plan to enroll at UWSP. Students receive important information related to becoming a UWSP student, their UWSP ID card, as well as academic advising for their first semester. Students leave these days with their first official fall semester schedule.

Right now, we are offering virtual visit options for students until we can safely host students back on campus. Check out our Visit page for more information.

Visiting campus gives you a much better look at what it would be like to be a student here. You can see the campus in the middle of the day, and you can see how you fit into that, and if you can see yourself here.

When you're thinking about coming to visit campus, there are a ton of different options for you. You can come to a Daily Visit tour, we have them Monday through Friday, so any day of the week that works for you. We will take you all around campus. We'll show you all of the super cool hangout spots. We do cater it to what your major is and what your interests are. Then there's also things like a Viewpoint Day, where you can come and you can learn about the different majors. And then of course, there's Admitted Student Day, and Admitted Student Day, you're going to have even more interactions with the programs that you're interested in. We have different organizations come.

I never actually took a tour here. My very first tour here was when I was training to be a tour guide. I was training to be a Student Ambassador. The reason I didn't take a tour is because most of my family came here. My mom, my dad, older brother, older sister, they all went here. While my siblings were very knowledgeable about the university, and they knew what was going on, those little offices like the Tutoring Learning Center, the Disability Services and Assistive Technology, those are offices that they didn't really talk about, because they didn't utilize them. So going on a tour is super important because you get to learn about all those different offices and different facilities that we offer here at Steven's Point.