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Being Green: Sustainability

The University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point is a nationally recognized sustainability leader in Higher Education.  The university has previously been invited to the White House as part of panel discussions on Climate Change prior to COP 21, partnered with the White House Council on Environmental Quality for an online dialogue on Earth Day, and been recognized by the Department of Education as a Green Ribbon School award winner for sustainability in Post-Secondary Education.  UW-Stevens Point has earned three consecutive AASHE STARS Gold Ratings as well a being designated to the Princeton Green Review Honor Roll Three times within the last ten years.

Here on campus we were most recently recognized by the National Recycling Coalition for Outstanding Recycling Program in Higher Education. The university was the first school in the state to use 100% renewable electricity as well as offer composting in every building on campus. The campus has developed new programs that include launching a Green office certification program and achieving Bike Friendly University status from the League of American Bicyclist. UWSP is recognized as a “Fair Trade Campus” and The University’s mission and strategic plan both incorporate sustainability as a key pillar of learning and success. It is safe to say that you can find sustainability in and outside of every building on campus.

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Sustainability is very important to the university. In fact, it's part of the mission statement that we have. We are a Green Ribbon School. We've been acknowledged by the Princeton Review Green Honor Roll. And we also have a gold rating from AASHE STARS. We are the first University of Wisconsin School to have compost in all of our academic buildings. We have solar panels on the top of the dorm buildings.

One really cool fact about Stevens Point is that we were the first school in the system to use 100% renewable energy.

Our Green Fund program is funded by student segregated fees. So just a small amount of money from each student goes to this Green Fund. And people can submit proposals that they would like to see on campus. So we have a bicycle repair station. We have bike shelters. Those have been funded through the Green Fund. So by going to a school with a low carbon footprint, you're directly contributing to the sustainability of the greater environment.

It is definitely not common at most college campuses. That's definitely something that is very unique to Stevens Point. We take a lot of pride in composting and sustainability. And it's something very unique that we offer to our students here on campus.

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