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Meet Dyllan

Dyllan is a Junior from Spencer, Wisconsin. He is double majoring in Political Science and Communication-Public Relations!

He is involved in organizations across campus, such as the Student Government Association and in the Office of Admissions and Recruitment. He currently serves as the Student Body Vice President, representing over 7,725 students in the Stevens Point Community and across the State of Wisconsin. He is also very involved with FFA - Future Farmers of America. You might also see Dyllan around campus showing prospective students, the ins and outs of college life!

Join Dyllan in exploring what it is like to be a student at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and learn more about what he loves about our University!

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A typical day for me starts at about 9 AM. I get up, I get ready, leave my room by about 9:45, go to class, and then I come here to the DUC for coffee, which is where we're heading right now.

Quentin! Hi! How are you?

So good! How are you?

I'm good. I'm going to go get coffee.

This is The Basement Brew House. This is the place to be on campus here. I always come here and get a honey lavender latte. Oh, thanks, Megan. This is the best. Nice job.

I really like that they have mugs, but I didn't want to steal it. So I got a to-go cup.

So as SGA vice president, I spend a lot of time in the SGA office. I basically live here. Student government is an awesome resource for students to advocate for the needs of the student body. They can advocate for anything, ranging from environmental and sustainability issues to more state and local and national politics.

I personally got involved in SGA so I could advocate for the student body. It's been awesome. I've made so many friends through this organization-- some that I'm probably going to work with or work for someday, people that I've experienced a lot with.

Reuben! My man!

There are a lot of really cool places to study on campus. Personally, I like studying in front of the Layered Room. It's a really comfy place. There's a big research project coming up here in comm research, so my friends and I have a lot of work to do.

Hey, guys!

[music playing]

So in addition to working in student government, I also work here in the admissions office, where I give tours to prospective students and show them the really cool things that UW Stevens Point has to offer. Today, my last class wraps up at 1:45. Its Climate Change Policy with Professor Brad Mapes-Martins. He makes the class super fun and interactive. He's an awesome guy. Great class. So here we go.

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So this is the DUC food court. I come here for lunch and dinner all the time. I almost always get paninis. They're the greatest thing ever. Absolutely love it. Pro-tip always get the sourdough bread and the Hawaiian panini-- which is actually really funny because it's the daily special today.

So after dinner, I typically head down to the SGA office or the Brew House, kind of relax a little, work on some homework, and really wind down for the day and maybe watch some Netflix before heading home and going to bed.

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