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Employment & Internship Opportunities

The Campus Activities and Student Engagement (CASE) office and the Academic and Career Advising (ACAC) center collectively assist students in identifying ways to earn money and obtain excellent experience during their time at UW-Stevens Point. The ACAC and CASE office hosts multiple career and internship fairs every school year for students to not only network with real employers but to also land internships and sometimes full-time employment opportunities after graduation. Each of these events offers a chance for students to dress professionally, distribute their professionally tailored resumes, and get an initial glimpse of the working world. Most students who attend first meet directly with the Career Specialists in the ACAC to prepare for these events beforehand.

The CASE office serves as the hub for on-campus and off-campus employment opportunities for UWSP students. Quest is a student portal that allows students to streamline their job search process and find a variety of employment opportunities that align with their class schedule. At UW-Stevens Point, departments across campus rely on student employment from Dining Services and Residential Living, to the library in Albertson Hall and Admissions and Recruitment.

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Job fairs are held three times a year, and this is where students can meet off-campus employers and businesses and learn about opportunities. At a job fair, students can find part-time employment opportunities, work study, and even career opportunities post graduation.

There's a lot of different job opportunities that students can get on campus. And it depends where your interests lie as well. So, you can become a tutor if that interests you. You can go into maintenance or dining services. Or you can work reception at a desk as well. And Quest is an online database where students can go and search for jobs as well.

International schools have employment opportunities here too. Those mainly consist of on campus. International students can work off campus too. They just have to get approval.

I myself am an honors intern down at the writing lab. And so, I have been trained and assist people with writing. This experience has taught me a tremendous amount of information. And I attribute a lot of my successes at UWSP and beyond to this experience.

It's just made me a more confident person. I've been able to talk to a lot of people and make a lot of connections. And so, it's helped me build a community at UWSP as well.