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Communication Sciences and Disorders


If you are interested in studying the development of children’s speech and language skills, the anatomy and physiology of the speech and hearing mechanisms, as well as how speech, language and hearing impairments may impact successful communication then the communication sciences and disorders program at UW-Stevens Point is for you! Communication sciences and disorders students in the College of Professional Studies can explore master and doctorate opportunities at UW-Stevens Point to further their career opportunities.


The Communication Sciences and Disorders program is remarkable. Being a speech therapist or audiologist is just a unique field in itself. There's such a high demand for people in this field. If you're an audiologist, you'll be working in a clinic or in the private practice working with people with hearing loss. Then with speech-language pathology you can work with children with speech impediments or you can work with adults. So both of these are very connected but also very different and throughout your undergrad coursework you will see sides of both of them.

Communication Sciences and Disorders is an undergraduate degree and it leads the student to be prepared to apply for graduate school. You'll come in and you'll have a very introductory level course just seem to know the basics of the professions offered through this program and then like slowly but surely you'll get more and more specific. As an undergrad, students are learning how to be critical thinkers. They are learning about how to be a professional. A huge part of the skill is the anatomy because obviously you need to know the structures in order to know how they work.

Once you get to the graduate school level and you graduate, the job outlook is tremendous. It makes you work hard but it also makes you appreciate the little things in life like communication, because you realize that it's not always so simple for everyone. The best part about this program is by far the professors. They are always willing to help you. We have smaller class sizes and so you get to know your faculty and your faculty are experts in the areas that they're teaching in. They will share about their knowledge and experience or who they can lead you to to observe and shadow and gain more experience.

So you'll hear a lot of people say that's really competitive, but truly the only competition is yourself. Everyone around you is willing to help you learn, help you study and help you grow. The family feeling of the program, the professors itself is awesome, which is why I decided to come back here for graduate school. I can say nothing but good things about my experience here. We are student-focused, we are client based and we are application. And so that's the kind of program you would find here.