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Media Studies


Do you want to turn your interest in print and multimedia journalism, radio, television, film, or communication into a career? Can you see yourself as a sports broadcaster, video editor, or studio production specialist? Choose the communication media studies program at UW-Stevens Point. Take your passion for YouTube, blogging, or podcasting and turn it into a career. Our faculty are prepared to enhance your media knowledge and set you up for success in the fast-growing and everchanging world of media.


Media studies is a program for people who love to tell stories, whether that be in a written form, visual or audio. Media studies is exciting, because it's always fresh it's always new. Media is at the center of everything we do. More and more people are asked to engage with media and news media. Our program really provides students with skills and techniques to be better prepared for that in the future. We offer courses in media production, both video and audio, nonfiction and fiction, music production, journalism, film studies. Media studies is a great way to get hands-on experience in the field that you're looking to do. They teach you the basic concept behind everything and then they tell you to go do it. We really pride ourselves on thinking of a wide set of opportunities that we can give our students. The student organizations are great assets. We have SPTV, the student television organization, 90FM, the radio, and The Pointer, our student-run newspaper. It's a great way for students to get involved, learn skills that they need for class and meet new people. Some great facilities where our students can hone their skills. There's a giant studio in the center of the comm building. I've had quite a few classes in there. A lot of our classes are very hands-on, they're very interpersonal. There getting the skills that will allow you to create your future, and I think that's what makes it a truly amazing experience for students. There's an incredible range of options for graduates. We've had students go out and become independent contractors, work for radio stations, newspapers, with TV stations. Everyone is different, and they have their own unique style. In all the classes and all the student organizations you get involved in you have a lot of flexibility to really create your own work and do it in a way that means something to you. We're excited to see what students are making and what they want to make, and how we can help students get from where they are to where they want to be. I'm in a video production class that's teaching me how to film documentaries. I'm also in a screenwriting class, and I get to learn how to write movies, so I'm doing all these different cool things and I love it everyday.